Solyndra Loan Sausage Making, Irony in Upton's request for MI Solar Loan, What's behind Push to Discredit Clean Energy

The GOP leadership keeps up their highly effectively program to daily leak Administration e-mails on Solyndra demonstrating the sausage making of the Solyndra loan proces.  Their goal being death of clean energy by 1000 cuts. 

According to a a Washington Post story today, Congressman Fred Upton, Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, wrote a 2009 letter to the Obama Administration requesting approval of funding for a solar loan Company located in his home state of Michigan.  Am I the only one to find some irony here?

David Roberts wrote a brilliant piece on what is behind the push to discredit clean energy.  The recession coupled with anti government rhetoric combined for a perfect storm to discredit Clean Energy.  In many ways, this set the scenario for today's House Committee on Energy and Commerce hearing with Secretary  Chu.