New Univision-Latino Decisions Poll Finds Obama Out Polling Republican Frontrunners

A new Univision News - Latino Decisions Election poll of Hispanic registered voters and the general electorate finds Obama out-polling former Governor Romney, Governor Perry and Herman Cain by 2-to-1 margins.

This could be in large part because the Republican hopefuls are largely unknown. Nearly half of all Hispanic voters felt they were not sufficiently familiar to offer an opinion of Romney, 37 percent could offer no view on Perry and 53 percent for Cain.

The poll offered few surprises. The economy, immigration and education are top issues facing the Latino community. Sixty-five percent of respondents cited the economy as the most important issue in determining who to vote for in an election, compared to 23 percent who said immigration, and 16 percent who said education.

Obama and the Democratic Party will have trouble reviving voter enthusiasm levels to where they were in 2008; 53 percent of Hispanic registered voters indicated that they are less enthusiastic about President Obama now than they were in 2008. Republican hopefuls, in addition to being unknown, will potentially be downgraded for their anti-immigrant rhetoric.

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