Daily Border Bulletin- 2007 Memo shines light on Bush era "gunwalking," immigration rot in AL, Mexico urges migrants home

2007 Memo on Gunwalking: A recently recovered inter-office memorandum has revealed new information about Bush era failed attempts at "gunwalking": "A briefing paper prepared for Attorney General Michael Mukasey during the Bush administration in 2007 outlined failed attempts by federal agents to track illicitly purchased guns across the border into Mexico and stressed the need for U.S. and Mexican law enforcement officials to work together on such efforts using a tactic that now is generating controversy"

Crops rot on vine in Alabama:  In Washington Post editorial, the consequences of Alabama's immigration law come into sharp focus as farmers have begun to complain about the lack of workers to pick their crops:  " Farmers in Alabama are in revolt against the state’s over-the-top immigration law, which is designed to hound illegal immigrants so that they move elsewhere. As it happens, a substantial portion of farm workers there, as in other states, are undocumented. In the farmers’ view, the law is depriving them of steady, experienced labor — and threatening to deal a lethal blow to crops throughout the state."

Amid record deportations Mexico urges migrants home:  In Nogales Mexico, the Mexican government has begun to pay for buses to take migrants hoping to cross into the United States illegally home. "At one migrant shelter in Nogales, workers encourage deportees to return home rather than attempt to cross into the US illegally again, through the treacherous desert that spans both sides of the border. “There’s a federal program that will pay for your bus ticket so you can get back home,” Valente Camacho Terraza tells a group of migrants arriving at the center, which functions both as a shelter and transportation company."