Can a bracelet create jobs?

As you know, Starbucks sells coffee. A lot of coffee - $10 billion worth in 2010. However, starting this month, Starbucks is now in a new business: job creation.

Starting this month, Starbucks is launching a unique campaign called the Create Jobs for USA Fund.  

Teaming up with the Opportunity Finance Network, Starbucks is creating a new pot of money to fund entrepreneurs with good ideas for job creation.  Starbucks contributed $5 million to start the fund, with the rest coming in $5 increments from coffee-seeking customers.

For your $5 contribution, you get a bracelet and the peace of mind that you're doing something to help kick start American jobs.

While this campaign alone isn't the silver bullet to solve our jobless crisis, it's definitely a step in the right direction. Starbucks should be applauded for their innovative partnership.