Daily Border Bulletin - Schiff Pushes Back on Fast and Furious Subpoena, Simon Gives His Take and CNN Provides A Fact Check

This week Congressman Adam Schiff released a statement on the Fast and The Furious program lambasting his Republican colleagues for their politically motivated attacks on Attorney General Eric Holder. Simon went on Fox News to discuss the merit of the subpoena, and finally John King of CNN refutes the notion that the Attorney General knew any more about the Fast and Furious program then Congress did.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) - Schiff Statement on Operation Fast and Furious - 19/10/2011  "The politically motivated attacks on Attorney General Eric Holder need to come to an end. They are a meritless distraction from the important work of the Department of Justice, and the many men and women who work every day to make America safer."

Simon Rosenberg on Live with Megyn Kelly on Fox News - 19/10/2011  Simon goes head to head with Megyn Kelly, defending the Attorney General and pushing back on the notion that Fast and Furious is a new program germane to the Obama Administration. In the segment Simon notes that President George W. Bush had a similar program and once the current administration realized there was a problem they shut it down.

CNN - John King USA - The Truth on Fast and Furious  -  17/10/2011 CNN anchor John King  rejects the Republican analysis that Attorney General Holder was purposely misleading Congress on the Fast and the Furious scandal. “The truth is,” King concluded, “it’s a stretch– and a huge stretch to say anything beyond that.”