Simon's Take on a “Border Economy as a Model for the Twenty-First Century"

Yesterday Simon appeared on a panel at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Public Policy Conference, while there he talked about the critical importance of the United States Mexico relationship both domestically and internationally. Simon's comments articulated some key points which have been missing from the current immigration and border debates:

Our country has undergone a profound demographic change, America is becoming more and more Hispanic, from the executive summary of Hispanic Rising 2010: "One in ten Americans today is of Mexican descent, and the US now has the 2nd largest Hispanic population of any nation in the Americas."  Technology has allowed for far easier movement of legal people and goods all over the world, " and globalization has changed the way the world deals with "borders," U.S. goods exports to NAFTA in 2010 were $411.5 billion, up 23.4% ($78 billion) from 2009, and 149% from 1994 (the year prior to Uruguay Round) and up 190% from 1993 (the year prior to NAFTA).

Which is to say that the problems associated with our current immigration system are a result of the changing world that we live in. What must now occur is a re imagining of a new Geo-political dynamic in which we are able to take advantage of these new circumstances.

All of this is reflected in the 21st Century Border, the literal space between the United States and Mexico, has become the philosophical focal point of this new dynamic. As our country has become more Hispanic, and Latin America has risen in stature, our two countries have come together to create a a new and better strategy to deal with the problems faced by our two countries.

This has included enhanced resources, and unprecedented cooperation between Mexico and the United States, which is creating a border region which is coming much closer to exemplifying a true representation of a 21st Century model for commerce. Crime is down, legal trade and migration has skyrocketed and there is an increased effort in creating more harmony between our two countries.