Economic Backgrounder - A Roundup of Recent Economic Work from the NDN/NPI Team

As we get ready for the GOP debate tonight, the President's speech tomorrow and a new phase in the ongoing national economic debate, we offer up some of our recent work as background:

•    Last week I wrote a major new essay about the current state of play and the coming economic debate.  In it I argue: “If the President is to win the election next year, he will have to first win the economic debate with the Republicans, something, to date, he has not done.  My hope is that his speech next week makes a strong case for where he wants to take the country, as he did in the State of the Union address earlier this year, and makes very clear that he is on the side of struggling people and communities in this time of great national challenge.  And he then takes this message and argument and pounds it home over the next 12 months, and as much as possible rejects the current austerity path offered by the right, a path for him that will neither be politically popular nor economically effective in 2012.”

•    See this major new essay by Rob Shapiro originally posted in The New Republic, where Rob recommends that the President call an urgent meeting of the G8 to work on Europe’s mounting economic challenges, and to do more on housing here at home  This follows another terrific new Shapiro essay, “The Best Advice to the President: Think Big and Move On.”  In the piece he writes: “[The President] can offer up a new program of “Big Ideas” that directly takes on jobs, stagnating incomes, housing values, and the nation’s debt.”

•    Please find this thoughtful, new op-ed from NPI Fellow Dan Carol, “A New Idea on Jobs and the Economy: Go Local.”  It builds on the work of his Next Economy Partnership Project.  For more on the NEPP please review this summary of our recent findings and check out Dan’s recent paper, “The Acceleration Agenda.”  You can also see Dan quoted in this Wall Street Journal piece from last month about regional economic clusters.

•    NDN released a major new study last month which found that “repatriating” the foreign income of US companies would bring money into the US Treasury, not cost taxpayers money as some have argued.  Reflecting on the study I wrote:  “Bringing hundreds of billions of dollars from oversees back into the US can only help our economy right now.”

•    Fresh from the Aspen Institute’s Clean Energy Roundtable, Senior Fellow Michael Moynihan looks ahead at what might be next for clean energy in the President’s speech and fall debate.

•    NDNers have been featured discussing the economy in pieces in the Wall Street Journal, ABC News, National AP, Fox News, the Detroit News, the Washington Examiner and MSNBC.