HEARING: The Economic Imperative of Enacting Immigration Reform.

The Senate Judiciary Sub Committee on Immigration Refugees and Border Security will be holding a hearing tomorrow on the Economic Imperative of Enacting  Immigration Reform.

The New Policy Institute (NPI) released a report on the impact of immigration and comprehensive immigration reform on the wages of the American worker. NPI's report provides a much needed look at the intersection of America's economy and immigration system.

The report written by NPI Fellow and Former Under Secretary of Commerce Dr. Robert J. Shapiro, accomplishes five important things.

It gives an accurate portrait of America's immigrant Population, it dispels many misconceptions regarding undocumented immigrants in the country, it provides economic analysis on the impact of immigration on wages. it examines the wage impact of reforms to provide a path to legal status for undocumented immigrants, finally  examines the positive economic impact of comprehensive immigration reform.

The full report can be read here, The Impact of Immigration and Immigration Reform on the Wages of American Workers.

Make sure to check out the hearing which will be webcast here at 10 AM.