The Top Line - US Economy, Clean Energy Solution Series, Mini Marshall Plan for the Middle East

On most Mondays, and a few Tuesdays, I will help start the week with a review of our recent work and other helpful materials we may have published of late.  For now we are calling it the "The Top Line" - enjoy.

  • With the discussions about the debt ceiling, whether the economy is slowing and rising energy prices sure to dominate the debate of the next few weeks, to check out a series of new essays from Dr. Rob Shapiro, Chair of our Globalization Initiative. With more evidence that US and global growth has slowed down a bit, perhaps the most relevant this week is his recent essay, "Forget About Spending and Focus On the Economy."
  • NDN/NPI announced a major new series of events with a focus on clean energy. Called the Clean Energy Solution Series, our first event will take place in NDN's DC headquarters on Thursday June 16th and will look at how wireless technologies are helping modernize the electric grid. Members of the NDN family are encouraged to offer their ideas on future events by contacting Clean Energy Initiative Director Clare Giesen at
  • NDN/NPI was very pleased to see the US/G8 initiative to bring a mini-Marshall plan to North Africa and the Middle East. We were among the first organizations to call for such a strategy, an effort which included this event on March 11th featuring Shraga Biran.
  • Policy Analyst Kristian Ramos continues his great coverage of border and immigration reform issues with a series of new essays, including this look at the coming debate over E-Verify.
  • I wrote this short piece for Politico on what the election in NY-26 means for the GOP.
  • Fellows and critically acclaimed authors Mike Hais and Morley Winograd have a new book coming out this fall, Millennial Momentum. To learn more visit their newly launched website.
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