NDN/NPI Launches Clean Energy Solutions Series - First Event June 16th

Today our team announced the launch of a new set of events and activities here at NDN/NPI - the Clean Energy Solutions Series. 

With the events of recent months - nuclear accident in Japan, rising energy prices here at home, unrest in the Middle East - we have all been reminded how unstable, expensive and dirty the 20th century energy paradigm our economy rests upon really is.  There can be no question that bringing about a new, 21st century global energy paradigm, one that is cleaner, less expensive, more stable and more distributed in its generation is one of the great challenges facing the US and the world today. 

Our new series will take an indepth look at things which are working to bring about this new and better day. Our first event, scheduled for June 16th, will look at the emergence of a wireless smart grid and more consumer friendly-energy platform.  As Clare wrote in the announcement today:

"The smart grid is fundamentally changing the relationship between consumers and their electricity provider.  No longer will consumers grimace at the high cost and perplexity of their utility bills.  Through the creation of increased systems knowledge and increased operational response options, smart grids will make it possible for utilities to engage two way communications systems all the way to the customer premises and enable consumers to benefit from dynamic pricing".

As we put this series together we want to hear from you.  Have companies doing important things you think we should highlight? Other issues we can address? Good speakers we should bring in and address our community? If you have ideas on what we should do with this Clean Energy Solutions Series please contact the director of our Clean Energy Initiative, Clare Giesen, directly at cgiesen@ndn.org. 

Check back here soon for more information about the series and the event on June 16th.