Jennifer Granholm Calls for Jobs Race to the Top

Michigan Governor Granholm is up with a great piece today at Huffington Post and Politico, calling for a regional race to the top rewarding the most effective public-private partnerships.

Given our push here at NDN for a new jobs Acceleration Agenda, based on bottom-up partnerships and innovation, this quote from Governor Granholm stands out:

"The New Deal was about employment by the federal government. But this new era demands a private sector-focused, bottom-up approach:  jobs created by businesses through local public-private partnerships in an economic sector important to our national strength and incentivized by the federal government."

Kudos to Govenor Granholm for stepping up to lead this charge and help define the new job creation paradigm we need.  She's seen these kinds of efforts bear serious fruit in creating a new auto battery industry in Michigan.  It's time to unleash this race across America.