Government Motors No More

The front pages of most news papers across the country today greeted readers with the words like "GM Stock Sale in High Gear" and "U.S. Taxpayers Recover Billions in Sale of G.M. Stock." There's not a lot more that needs to be said other than what's written, but the government's backing of GM has basically turned out to be an unmitigated success. More of the investment does need to be recouped for taxpayers, and the government will still own 26% of the company, but 1.4 million jobs saved and one of the largest US IPOs in history represent a great start. I'm sure those who opposed the government's actions have changed their tune as well.

"The government is firmly in the business of running companies using taxpayer dollars. Does anyone really believe that politicians and bureaucrats in Washington can successfully steer a multi-national corporation to economic viability?" -John Boehner, June 1, 2009.