SB1070 Co-Author AZ State Senator Russel Pierce Is Going National With More Anti Immigrant Legislation

Arizona State Senator Russel Pierce is set to take SB1070 national, by spearheading a national working group to move the anti immigrant law into other states.

E.J. Montini of The Arizona Republic , has the full story here:

It isn't very often that a state legislator gets the kind of national attention that state Sen. Russell Pearce has gotten for having sponsored SB 1070.

Apparently, that hasn't been lost on state legislators in other states hoping for their 15 minutes of fame on FOX news. So, Pearce and some of his acolytes in other states have gotten together for what Pearce calls a "national work group" that will most likely lead to a multi-state effort to pass legislation denying citizenship to children who are born to illegal immigrants.

The national working group that Pierce would lead is callled State Legislators for Legal Immigration:

Pearce is part of a national movement calling itself State Legislators for Legal Immigration, among other things, the legislators say on their website that that have "entered into a working partnership with the Immigration ReformLaw Institute (IRLI) to create a comprehensive package of model of National Security Begins at Home legislative solutions that any state lawmaker can introduce to effectively shut down all economic attractions and incentives for illegal aliens."

Pierce is counting on solidifying power in the state legislator to allow himself to continue to push his Anti-Immigrant legislation nationally:

Pearce is counting on the election next month to solidify his power at the state capitol, putting him in the position of de facto governor  (since there's no way that Brewer could or would challenge anything he does) and then making sure that he stays in the national spotlight on the immigration issue.