NDN Hosts Chilean Ambassador, Arturo Fermandois on Wednesday, October 27th

The Latin America Policy Initiative (LAPI) is excited to host the Ambassador of Chile to the United States, Arturo Fermandois on Wednesday, October 27th at 12:30 pm.  This event is open to the public.  To RSVP, please click here.  If you would like to instead register for our live webcast, we still ask that you RSVP.

The global spotlight has been focused on Chile these past weeks, as people around the world were energized and captivated by the miraculous and heroic efforts of the Chilean government to rescue 33 trapped miners.  Yesterday, The Washington Post shed light on the new Chilean Ambassador to the United States, the Hon. Arturo Fermandois, and the party thrown at the Embassy's front lawn this past week:

"The new ambassador, who arrived in Washington just four months ago, erected a jumbo screen outside the embassy on Massachusetts Avenue so everyone could watch the live broadcast of Chilean miners being rescued. Fermandois set up a guest book for people to write messages for the men.. Quite a debut for the rookie diplomat, who left his life as a lawyer and professor of constitutional law (after stints as a Fulbright scholar and at Harvard Law School) to become ambassador. His first few weeks were packed with his country's earthquake recovery efforts, its bicentennial and a visit from new President Sebastián Piñera. Just when he expected things to slow down, news broke of the trapped miners."

But the rescue isn't the only noteworthy news; Chile's recent invitation to join the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development is recognition of the sound fiscal leadership and policies that have elevated Chile to be a regional economic power.  The Ambassador will explore all of this and more at NDN. We look forward to seeing you here at NDN!

Ambassador Arturo Fermandois
October 27, 12:30 pm.  Lunch to be served
NDN Event Space 729 15th Street, NW First Floor, Washington, DC

Live Webcast