American Hypocrite Lou Dobbs Hires Undocumented Workers

Former CNN News Anchor Lou Dobb's spent the latter part of his career on television gernerally demonizing immigrants. Often he would unleash his most scathing condemnations on businesses that knowingly hired undocumented immigrant labor.

Fast forward to today, and it turns out Dobb's has hired 5 undocumented immigrants to work at his house in New Jersey.

Isabel Macdonald of the Nation broke the story HERE, it is really long, definitely read it, but for the highlights Michael Calderone of the Politico gives a good synapses HERE:

Lou Dobbs has long railed against illegal immigration and the employers who hire undocumented workers. Dobbs generated controversy—and faced boycotts—for attacking "illegal aliens" as host of a nightly CNN show. And since leaving the network in December 2009, Dobbs has kept talking about the issue in interviews,  in which he's also left open the possibility of running for Senator or President.

As it turns out he has always hired undocumented immigrants:

The Nation magazine, in a year-long investigation conducted with the Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute, "found that Dobbs has relied for years on undocumented labor for the upkeep of his multimillion-dollar estates and the horses he keeps for his 22-year-old daughter, Hillary, a champion show jumper."

The Nation's Isabel Macdonald writes that while Dobbs has bashed employers for hiring immigrants without papers, he "has been far from vigilant about the status of workers laboring on his own properties." (The Nation's politics are left of center, and the magazine has long editorialized against Dobbs and those who agree with him on immigration.)

From the sounds of it Dobb's used many undocumented immigrants for long periods of time:

Macdonald spoke with several immigrants who have were employed to work on winter property and helped with the upkeep of  Dobbs' horses at stables in Vermont and Florida. "I looked after Dobbs's horses while I was illegal," said Marco Esperanza. Another worker said that he believed Hillary Dobbs knew they didn't have papers. (The workers did not give their real names for fear or deportation).

Macdonald wrote that another worker, Rodrigo Ortega, worked on the garden at Dobbs' Florida property. On one occasion, Ortega said that Lou Dobbs—who referred to himself as "Luis"—instructed him in Spanish to talk to his boss about moving a specific plant. Macdonald interviewed other immigrants who worked at the holiday home.

Dobb's has yet to release a comment but The Nation was kind enough to provide video of his comments lambasting businesses that hire undocumented immigrants: