Having an Economic Plan: Miami’s Joe Garcia

NDN has long argued that the key issue in the upcoming election is having plan for the future of the economy. While much of that debate is happening at the national level and on cable news, all politics is local, and the next month and a half will see many candidates discuss their plans for the economy.

Candidate for Florida's 25th Congressional District Joe Garcia has produced such a plan. Like all such plans (the good ones anyway) it fuses important local issues, including expanding the Port of Miami, with national ones. Joe's plan is heavy on provisions that benefit small business including tax cuts, loans, and health care tax cuts; emphasizes worker skills by investing in community colleges and providing tuition tax breaks for higher education and professional training; promotes investment in renewable energy; and has provisions to slow foreclosures and keep people in their homes. It also weighs in on extending the tax cuts for everyday Americans (he's in favor), and strongly supports the Colombia Free Trade Agreement, an important economic boost for a regional economy so closely tied to Latin America.

Joe's plan is available here. If you've seen other such plans that are worth discussing, feel free to pass them along. In the next month and a half, it's important that candidates of both parties offer plans for America's economic future; I look forward to seeing more realistic plans from members of both parties.


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