With GOP Wave Cresting, New Theory of 2010 Elections Is Required

Last week we observed that there was a growing body of evidence that a new dynamic had emerged in the volatile 2010 elections.  With new polls showing Democrats making gains across the country and in many Senate races (New WSJ/MSNBC poll has Democrats gaining 6 points over past month) it has become clear that the description of this year as a "wave election" is no longer applicable, and a new analysis and theory of what is going on is required.

We offer the beginning of such a theory in the following posts:

Wed, Sept 29th - GOP Wave Has Crested, And Is Receding Now

Tues, Sept 28nd - Hope for the Dems? Part II

Tues, Sept 21st -Hope for the Dems?

Sun, Sept 19th - The Closing Argument

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