AZ Governor Jan Brewer Awarded Contracts To Private Prisons Who Benefited From SB1070

Way back in August, NDN came across a YouTube video that Phoenix-based KPHO News Station had produced which highlighted the connection between Jan Brewer, SB1070 and the private prison system in Arizona.

That post can be seen here

The story noted that while tourism and the state economy is taking a beating due to the curious habit of many of the states political elites constantly characterizing Arizona as a war zone to the national media, there is one business that still made tons of money off of SB1070: the private prison system.

The news story purported that many of Gov. Brewer's staff have connections to the private prison system, which granted state contracts and large amounts of money to detention centers that housed immigrants before they were deported.

This story has gone national, and is currently at Huffinton Post here.

The original news clip is below: