President Obama's Remarks in Austin on the Economy

We liked the President's rhetoric yesterday about America needing to do more to stay prosperous in a more competitive global economy.

I said we’d build an economy that can compete in the 21st century -- because the economy that we had even before the recession, even before the financial crisis, wasn’t working for too many Americans.  Too many Americans had seen their wages flat-line, their incomes flat-line.  We were falling behind and unable to compete internationally.  And I said we need an economy that puts Americans back to work, an economy that’s built around three simple words -- Made in America.  (Applause.)  Because we are not playing for second place.  We are the United States of America, and like the Texas Longhorns, you play for first -- we play for first.  (Applause.)  

Now, when it comes to the economy, I said that in today’s world we're being pushed as never before.  From Beijing to Bangalore, from Seoul to San Paolo, new industries and innovations are flourishing.  Our competition is growing fiercer. And while our ultimate success has and always will depend on the incredible industriousness of the American worker and the ingenuity of American businesses and the power of our free market system, we also know that as a nation, we've got to pull together and do some fundamental shifts in how we've been operating to make sure America remains number one.

So that’s why I’ve set some ambitious goals for this country. I’ve called for doubling our exports within the next five years, so that we're not just buying from other countries, I want us to sell to other countries.  (Applause.)  We've talked about doubling our nation’s capacity to generate renewable energy by 2012, because I'm actually convinced that if we control the clean energy future, then our economic future will be bright -- building solar panels and wind turbines and biodiesel and -- (applause.) 

And I want us to produce 8 million more college graduates by 2020, because -- (applause) -- because America has to have the highest share of graduates compared to every other nation.

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