A Little Perspective on "Terror Babies"

As the debate over whether to change the 14th Amendment to deny children of immigrants birth right citezenship continues to make headlines, Texas State Representative Debbie Riddle has taken to calling the children of undocumented immigrants "terror babies."

Texas State Rep. Riddle appeared on Anderson 360 to defend her statement.

In the segment, she is unable to verify the accuracy of her statements with hard facts, nor is she able to show that the children of immigrants are a part of a mass conspiracy to "anchor" their parents to American citizens.

She also makes several comments on the out of control violence on the border and the fact that the Obama Administration has done nothing to secure the border.

Please see here, here and here for data that refutes these statements.

She does succeed in making broad generalizations with no discernable reference points other than her opinion.

The video is below: