Simon Rosenberg in Politics Daily and MSNBC's First Read on Immigration

NDN President Simon Rosenberg has been all over the news today talking about the President's speech on immigration reform.

His comments in both Politics Daily and MSNBC's First read stand out in particular. Both are below with links to the full stories.

From Chuck Todd over at First Read:

WWJMD? On the other hand, reform could end up being a win-win for everyone -- including the Obama White House (which would be looking to fulfill a campaign promise and mobilize Latino voters) and the Republican Party (which would want to make sure it wasn't digging its own demographic grave). "It's a win-win situation," Democratic strategist

Simon Rosenberg argues to First Read. "At some point, the Republican Party is going to have to abandon their anti-immigration views or they are going to be a minority party."

Yet the key to all of this might very well be John McCain. If he wins his primary and re-election, does he once again become an important player on immigration reform? Or does he stand on the sidelines? What will John McCain do?

From Alex Wagner at Politics Daily:

Though reform has enjoyed bipartisan support in previous years, the two principal GOP shepherds on the issue, Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) -- are nowhere to be seen. The issue has been particularly tricky for Republicans wanting to appear tough on national security, but likewise in need of Latino support (a group for whom immigration is a particularly hot-button issue). Support for tough, controversial measures like Brewer's hurts conservative candidates among this key voting bloc; the result is that many Republicans simply refuse to play ball.

Republicans "have paid a tremendous price" for their inaction, says Simon Rosenberg, president of NDN, a center-left Democratic think tank. "There is no way, politically, that they can sustain their current position."