NDN Letter to the Senate on Making Sure We Invest in Our Kids

We sent the following letter to the Senate

"Tonight or tomorrow, the members of the United States Senate will have an important opportunity to send a clear signal to the American people that they are going to do what is necessary to ensure America's prosperity in the 21st century by adopting the Education Jobs Fund Amendment to H.R. 5297, the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act. The amendment will provide funding for saving the jobs of 130,000 public school teachers who will otherwise be laid off this fall.

As the global economy grows more competitive, and the jobs of the 21st century grow more knowledge-based and skills-intensive than many of the jobs of the 20th century, it is in the vital interest of the United States to provide our workers and our students with more than what Americans were offered in previous eras.  Our 21st century workers and kids will need more, not less; more knowledge and skills; more opportunities to upgrade their skills and knowledge; more and better teachers and schools; and more chances to integrate the exciting opportunity of the emergent world of digital learning into traditional educational environments. Providing a thorough and enhanced system for the acquisition of more advanced skills and deeper knowledge for the American people is one of the great tasks of leaders and policymakers in the years ahead.  Supporting the EJF Amendment is a critical step in this vital direction.

In a nation as rich as ours and in an era in which education and knowledge are so important, there simply can be no rationale for starving a new generation of Americans from the kind of schooling they need to succeed in the more challenging economy of the 21st century.   The stakes for our future are just too high, the national interest much too clear.  We urge all Senators to support the Education Jobs Fund amendment to the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act."

- Simon Rosenberg, NDN President