Please Join Us Next Wednesday for a Presentation on the Changing Political Coalitions of America's Major Political Parties


I hope to see many of you next Wednesday at noon, here at NDN, for a Special Presentation by NDN Fellows and Co-Authors of Millennial Makeover, Mike Hais and Morley Winograd.  In the past few months, it's become clear that Mike and Morley's research and analysis is spreading far and wide. 

In May, Ron Brownstein featured Mike and Morley's work in a National Journal piece that took a generational snapshot of the recession's impact on the Millennial Generation.  That same month Michaekl Tomasky highlighted Mike Hais' electoral analsysis in The Guardian

To keep up with Mike and Morley, you can follow their Millennial Makeover blog and Mike's Data Matters blog for regular updates and thoughtful analysis. 

This presentation is a second installment in a series examining the changing coalitions of the 21st century American electorate.  To review the first installment in this research series click here.

At the heart of the presentation is a recently-completed 2,500 person-sample market research study.  Having had a preview of the research I can tell you that it offers new and interesting insights into the issues important to each coalition and great analysis on what this means for both major parties come November. 

These events tend to fill up fast so please RSVP here.

See you Wednesday!