NDN in Washington Post on Copy Cat SB1070 Legislation

There has been a lot of immigration news to keep up with recently, and we here at NDN do our best to keep up to date to bring you the reader all the latest information.

Every once in a while we get out in front of something that the national media has not gotten around to covering. This was the case with a recent blog post on SB1070 Copy Cat Laws, the full post can be read here.

Michael W. Savage of the Washington Post recently wrote a story on the same subject, and quoted our post.  Law Makers Across the Country Taking Immigration Policy into their own Hands can be read here.

Excerpts are below:

With widespread attention focused on Arizona's tough new law against illegal immigration -- and a measure approved this week in the small town of Fremont, Neb. -- similar proposals are under consideration across the country. Five states -- South Carolina, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Michigan -- are looking at Arizona-style legislation, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. NDN, a Washington think tank and advocacy group, said lawmakers in 17 other states had expressed support for similar measures.