NDN Backgrounder - Fixing Our Broken Immigration System

With President Obama set to give a major speech on comprehensive immigration reform, we'd like to present some key analysis and narrative on fixing our broken immigration system.

The pieces below represent important components of NDN's thinking and advocacy on immigration reform.

New Polling Data Shows Comprehensive Immigration Reform has Broad Support by Kristian Ramos 6/18/2010

Analysis and commentary on recent polling data on SB1070 and CIR. While polling shows support for the Arizona law, a deeper examination shows even more broad support for passing CIR.

New Policy Institute: The Impact of Immigration and Immigration Reform on the Wages of American Workers by Robert Shapiro 5/26/2010

An economic report written by NPI Fellow and Former Under Secretary of Commerce Dr. Robert J. Shapiro, presents an accurate portrait of America's immigrant population, dispels certain misconceptions about American Immigration and offers economic analysis regarding the impact of immigration, and proposed immigration reforms on wages and the economy.

The Economics of Immigration Are Not What you Think by Robert Shapiro 5/26/2010

NPI Fellow Robert Shapiro highlights some of the important facts featured in his economic report on immigrants and the wages of American Workers. An important primer for the economic realities of immigration reform.

Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan and Chairman Alan Bersin: A Conversation on a "21st Century Border" by Kristian Ramos 5/24/2010

NDN/NPI was proud to host Mexican Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan and Chairman of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Alan Bersin to discuss the first joint U.S.-Mexico vision for a "21st Century Border."

Transcript of US-Mexico Event with Saruhkan and Bersin

Immigration Reform Enters a New Phase by Simon Rosenberg, 4/30/10

With the passage of SB1070, the immigration debate has entered a new phase  NDN President Simon Rosenberg weighs in on this new dynamic by noting that federal lawmakers and the Obama Administration can no longer argue that reform can wait.  

NDN Statement on New Immigration Framework by Simon Rosenberg 4/29/2010

With the Republican party refusing to come to the table to work with Democrats on cir, Senate Majority Leader Reid joined Senators Charles Schumer and Robert Menendez to present a Democrats only immigration framework. NDN's statement on the notes that this middle of the road policy proposal provides an excellent opportunity for Republicans to join the immigration debate.

New Politics Insitute: Hispanic Rising 2010  by Andres Ramirez and Kristian Ramos 4/27/2010

This New Policy Institute Report examines the rapidly increasing Hispanic population in the United States and how it affects the politics and policy of our time.  The rapid increase in the Hispanic population in the U.S. is one of the most tangible demographic trends of the 21st century. This report delves deeply into the population and polling numbers to present a clear picture of the Hispanic populations growing economic and political power.