NDN Backgrounder: A 21st Century Economic Strategy for America

With the economy at the center of national attention, we'd like to present some key analysis and narrative on creating jobs and growth and understanding America’s place in the 21st century global economy. These pieces represent components of NDN’s thinking on and advocacy for a new economic strategy for America.

Busting Washington Myth #1: Americans, Especially Moderates, Really Care About Budget Deficits by Jake Berliner, 6/18/10
Despite what one may hear from pundits, pushing for near-term austerity is neither good policy nor good politics.

The Fall Economic Narratives Begin To Take Shape by Simon Rosenberg, 6/15/10
The battle this fall will center on contrasting economic narratives, and the conservatives are making their argument about austerity clearly. The center-left must respond with an argument about a plan to create prosperity.

Memo to the President: Resist a Simpleminded Push to Cut Budget Deficits Now by Dr. Robert Shapiro, 6/10/10
While tightening budgets to control deficits may be politically opportune - the economics behind the decisions do not add up.

The Economics of Immigration Are Not What You Think by Dr. Robert Shapiro, 5/26/2010
Drawing on a major report on immigration and reform proposals, Shapiro corrects much of the misinformation about the economics of immigration.

Rediscovering the Obama Narrative by Dan Carol, 4/21/10
Carol lays out an Obama-esque vision for public-private, bottom-up economic development and innovation.

Keeping the Focus on the Struggle of Everyday People: 2010 Edition by Simon Rosenberg 1/26/2010
More than ever, we need to recognize that the lack of income growth for average families is the greatest domestic challenge facing America today, and lead a national conversation about how we can create a plan that addresses the struggle of everyday people.

Crafting An American Response to the Rise of the Rest by Simon Rosenberg, 1/21/2010
In this new essay written for Salon, Simon lays out three strategies for the Obama Administration to craft a comprehensive response to the new politics of the 21st Century.

A Lost Decade for Everyday Americans by Jake Berliner, 12/17/2009
In this white paper, we argue that everyday Americans are at the end of a “lost decade” and explain the still misunderstood causes of the virulence of the recession.

The New Landscape of Globalization: The Real Foundations of American Prosperity in the 21st Century by Dr. Robert Shapiro, 6/20/2007
Shapiro offers this forward-looking paper on the state of globalization, the structural problems facing the American economy, and a road map to prosperity in this new economic era.