Today @ 3:30 - Electricity 2.0: Envisioning the Future of Electricity w/ Chairman Ed Markey

Today, NDN will host an important and groundbreaking event focused on charting a course to the electricity future. Entitled Electricity 2.0: Envisioning the Future of Electricity, the event will feature remarks by:

  • Congressman Edward Markey, Chairman of the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming and Chairman of the Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment

and a panel discussion with:

  • Clem Palevich, former President and CEO of Constellation New Energy 
  • Nick Sinai, Director of Energy and Environment for the Federal Communications Commission 
  • Jigar Shah, founder of Sun Edison and now CEO of the Carbon War Room 
  • Michael Moynihan, author of the recent policy paper from NDN & the New Policy Institute, Electricity 2.0 

In addition to protecting our climate and enhancing energy security, clean electricity has the potential to power a new wave of prosperity. It can serve as a platform for entrepreneurs and innovators to create new jobs and build new industries.  

In order to meet this challenge and achieve clean electricity's promise, the United States must update our antiquated grid and add dramatically more renewable resources. The US currently supplies 3.5% of power from renewables, compared with 28% in Denmark. 

Electricity 1.0 helped secure reliable, universal power. But with R&D in the electricity industry having dwindled to less than 1% of sales, utilities constrained from offering new products and services, renewable generators unable to get their product to market, and consumers unable to control their energy destinies, it is time for an upgrade to Electricity 2.0. With a new open architecture in place and the right incentives to restore innovation and revive investments, Electricity 2.0 promises to do for energy what the Internet did for communications.  

Electricity 2.0: Envisioning the Future of Electricity
Tuesday, May 11 @ 3:30 p.m.
U.S. Capitol - Room HC-6 (access through South Entrance)
A live webcast will begin at 3:45 p.m. ET
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We are on the cusp of a revolution in how the world creates, trades, and consumes energy. However, for that revolution to occur we need to create a new modern, open, and secure electricity architecture that allows innovation to flourish.