Statement on President Calderon's Visit to the White House Today

I released the following statement today:  

“On display today was a US-Mexican relationship perhaps deeper and stronger than any point in the history of our two countries.  The tireless efforts of the current administration and the Mexican government has created an atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding essential for the success of each nation in the 21st century.  This new sense of trust and true partnership will pay great dividends for the people of both countries for decades into the future.

At NDN/NPI we are particularly pleased to see that President Obama has continued to show support for Congressional action on immigration reform and is carefully reviewing the legality of SB1070. It is also heartening to see President Calderon weighing in respectfully but forcefully against SB1070.

We congratulate both President Obama and President Calderon for their success in ushering in a new and better day in this historic and vital relationship."