Moving On... Thanks for a Great Year, NDN!

After a almost a full year as Simon's assistant, I'm sad to announce that Friday, May 21st will be my last day at NDN (7 days--exactly--shy of one year). But it's a bittersweet goodbye because I'm moving on to the front-lines of a cause I care deeply about and to join another organization I admire very much. On May 25th, I'll become a member of the team at the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), where I'll assist the General and Legislative Counsels' Offices in the ongoing fight for LGBT equality.

But I can't leave without saying a heartfelt thank you to the entire NDN Team and extended family for making the last year so memorable and meaningful!

NDN has accomplished a lot over the last year but its work is far from finished. And as long as there's work yet to be done, Simon will need someone to help him do it. So this is where I casually mention that we're eager to find Simon's next assistant and if you or any of your friends are interested in a great job, check out the job description. Feel free to email me with questions (or resumes)!