2010 Election Analysis and Meditations

Last night's results offer us an opportunity to reflect on our analysis leading up to it and how last night's events might shape our understanding of what we should be looking at in the run up to November.  Today Simon has an interesting post up about the volatility of the American electorate.  As he offers a prospective informed by a retrospective analysis, I wanted to offer up some of NDN's prescient recent electoral analysis:

Earlier this month NDN Fellow Mike Hais wrote a piece on the Democratic Party's new coalition and another on the composition of the Tea Party compared to the larger American electorate.  They are must reads going into November's elections.

For those interested in how Camp Obama will respond between now and then, check out NDN Fellow Dan Carol's piece on rediscovering the Obama narrative.    

Also be sure to check out Hispanics Rising 2010, which takes a detailed look at the Hispanic population and electorate.

Finally, in Mid-April, I appeared on MSNBC to discuss the Tea Party, midterm elections and Republican vulnerability. You can watch it here. Around the same time Simon appeared on Fox to talk about a similar subject.  You can watch that here.