Japanese Ambassador to Address NDN Tomorrow, 4/7 - Join Us

I am excited to invite you to a special event we are putting on tomorrow, admist the blossoming cherry trees here in the District - a speech by the Japanese Ambassador to the United States reflecting on the 50th Anniversary of our historic security alliance. 

Having recently visited Japan I want to encourage you to attend, watch live on-line, or send on to others you think might be interested.   The winds of political change are blowing strong in Japan.  A relatively new political party, the Democratic Party of Japan, won last year's general election, and unseated the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, who had been in power for over 50 years.  New leaders and new political ideas are on the table now in Japan, a country who has been the cornerstone of our geopolitical strategy in Asia for decades.

So while it is time to celebrate our historic and successful Alliance with the world's 2nd largest economy, it is may also be time to renew, update and modernize our approach to a nation who like the United States is working to update its traditional approaches to the fast-changing world of the 21st century. 

So, please join us tomorrow at noon at NDN in DC or on the site live for what will be an interesting and important dialogue with an accomplished and thoughtful diplomat, Ichiro Fujisaki, the Ambassador of Japan to the United States of America.