Let's Tauke About the Future of Internet Policy

I'm out in Las Vegas this week at CTIA's annual Wireless conference.  Really cool stuff going on here.  Really cool, geeky stuff.  Actually, just really geeky stuff.  Anyway, I'm here so you don't have to be, and I'll be Tweeting and blogging up a storm.

Back at home base, NDN and the New Policy Institute are getting ready for a major event tomorrow.  We're hosting Tom Tauke, EVP of Verizon for Public Affairs, and he's going to be giving a big (trust me, big) talk on the future of internet policy. More info is here, you can RSVP here, or, if you can't make it in person, you can join me in watching the live webcast here.

Verizon will also be putting out a white paper covering much the same territory as his speech, which you'll be able to find at their public policy blog. I'll be summarizing it and offering my own take here at Global Mobile. If you're into internet policy (and I know you are, don't lie) it'll be an interesting read.