Looking A LIttle Deeper at the Obama Approval Rating

I've grown to really like the Daily Kos number cruncher Steve Singiser's analysis of polling trends in American politics.  Today he takes an indepth look at the first Kos track of 2010, and it is very much worth reviewing. 

The numbers though that still stick out the most for me involve the Obama approval rating.   In this track Obama is at 56% nationally.  By region he is at 86% approval in the Northeast, 61% in the West and Midwest, and incredibly, 27% in the South

While the geeks who follow these trends have been writing about the errant South a great deal over the last few months, the gap between the President's popularity in the South and everywhere else simply has to be one of the biggest political stories of this cycle that has not yet become widely understood, explained or adequately factored into the never ending punditry of our day. 

I will have some thoughts on these remarkable numbers next week.  In the meantime always open to hear yours.