As Usual, Scandinavians are Laughing At You

Mobile network operator TeliaSonera has finished construction on 4G networks in Oslo and Stockholm, which means that, in addition to better health care and cleaner streets, many Scandinavians now enjoy wireless download speeds that are 10 times faster than yours. Burns a little bit, no?

4G NetworkThe network is based on the LTE standard, which has more or less solidified its position as the industry standard for 4G networks around the world.  Sprint Nextel (perhaps you heard their boasting) have launched the first 4G network in the U.S., but it's based on the soon-to-be obsolete WiMAX standard, and it's only available in a few second-tier markets (sorry, Las Vegas).

There's one catch to all the above-- none of the aforementioned networks actually have any phones that can operate on them yet.  In Scandinavia and in the U.S., the 4G networks are only accessible with a dongle and a laptop.  The first 4G-capable handsets are expected in mid-late 2010.  Nevertheless, this is all very exciting, and just a little infuriating. (Darn Swedes always beating us to the punch...)