In Japan, Busy Days Ahead

Have landed in Japan on my Tokyo Foundation sponsored trip, and already held an informative dinner with several professors of American politics here, led by my host and good friend, Dr. Fumiaki Kubo. 

It certainly is an interesting time to be here, home of the world's second largest economy, as a political observer.  The Japanese economy is deflating, the Yen is rising, the Democratic Party of Japan is in its first few months in power after decades of LDP rule, the rise of China is on everyone's mind, and the DPJ is attempting to recalibrate Japan's old and deep relationship with the United States.  Like in the US, and perhaps all across the world, the winds of change are blowing forcefully here in Japan.  

In the next several days I will be giving several talks on American politics and meeting with leaders of both political parties.   Just finished up breakfast at Hotel Okura and am off to my first set of meetings of the day aided by my Japanese sherpa here, Shoichi Katayama.  More soon.