Off To Japan

Tomorrow I head off to Japan for a week of speeches, meeting, interviews and some sightseeing all courtesy of The Tokyo Foundation, which describes its mission this way (in English): 

The Tokyo Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit think tank that presents concrete policy proposals based on a lucid analysis of the issues combined with a solid grasp of everyday life and the reality on the ground. We also cultivate socially engaged future leaders with a broad perspective and deep insight, both in Japan and overseas. We fervently hope that our unique combination of policy research and human resource development will change society for the better.

On Friday I will be giving a public talk at the Foundation, and the following Monday will be offering one in Kyoto.  Jessie will be posting the info on each of those talks in case you know anyone who might be interested in attending.  Both talks will be called "The Dawn of a New Politics: America's Changing Politics in the Age of Obama."

I appeciate the information and suggestions about what to look for, things to read which several readers have offered these past few weeks.  Any more please send them along.  I will be a little busy over there but will try to blog and tweet my way from Tokyo and Kyoto, and between on the bullet train. 

And a special thanks to my friend of many years, Dr. Fumiaki Kubo, who made this entire trip possible.  I am looking forward to it all - except the long flight over.....