End of the day reading: Growth

Some end of the day reading:

TNR's Zubin Jelveh covers an element of something I wrote about last week - political attacks on the stimulus for being a negative factor on growth. Unfortunately, this attack comes from a conservative economist who should know better. 

The WSJ says the International Energy Agency sees good news in that oil demand will remain relatively low, even as growth picks up. Generally, growth is associated with higher oil prices, which can be economically troublesome (or worse), but this time efficiency policies are saving the day. Renewed growth with low energy prices is just what the doctor ordered. 

And David Leonhardt writes that, even as bad as things look, we just don't know that the economy won't boom again soon. He says an economy transforming innovation we don't know about could come along soon, which is a fair point. So let's do the things we know encourage innovation: upgrading worker skills, R&D funding, creating competition, valuing IP, and more. (All of these are especially applicable to climate-friendly technologies.)