Droids Dropping

I'm sitting here watching Game 6 of the World Series (and feeling pretty good that my Yankees are going to take home the crown tonight), and saw yet another striking yet deeply menacing ad for the forthcoming Droid (I wrote about the first one last week). There's been an awful lot of mobile-related advertising throughout the series-- from HTC (my favorite ad), Motorola, Windows, RIM/Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and others.  But these ads from the Verizon/Google/Motorola triumvirate for the forthcoming Droid have easily been the most eye-catching.

Like the "iDon't" ad, the new, minute-long "Stealth" ad is utterly sinister, showing the new smartphones encased in UFO-like shells, dropped from a fleet of stealth bombers, rocketing toward middle America like an apocalyptic meteor shower, terrifying horses and television audiences alike.  I mean, creepy, right?:

The sheer ominous-ness of the ad, combined with the fact that there's no real mention in the ad of what the Droid is or does, leads me to believe that they're targeting early-adopter types-- gadget junkies who know the Droid is coming and Cant. Freaking. Wait. (As opposed to folks more like the cowboy in the ad-- as he says: "What in the world is that?") The early reviews, as I said, have been good.  It releases on Friday.  We continue to wait...