Broadband for Hispanic Americans

Somehow I passed over this when it was released a month ago, but Mobile Future and the Hispanic Institute collaborated on a new report about broadband access and usage among Hispanics in the US.  The essay makes the macro point that Hispanics have higher rates of mobile broadband usage than most other demographic groups, ergo policymakers should account for and include mobile when making broadband policy-- and not focus exclusively on fiber networks.

Mobile or Fibre?The point is well taken, but the paper casts Hispanics as having a preference for mobile broadband, which I'm not sure is quite right. I would argue that Hispanics aren't big wireless users despite having lower rates of in-home broadband access; rather, they're big wireless users because they have less fiber access in their homes. As we know, high-speed internet is increasingly a necessity for everyday life and business, and if you can't afford to hook up your computer, you'll opt for a cheaper wireless connection.

The conclusions here are very much right: As the FCC reviews our broadband policy, it will be important for them to take into account the the needs of poorer Americans, and their dependence on wireless broadband access. 

I would just add a bigger point: Wireless broadband is great for economic development, but in-home, fibre-optic broadband connections are even better.  Our policymakers need to look especially hard at how we can include every American in the global ICT network.