Obama, A Strong and Confident President

While I have not seen and heard all of his speeches, tonight's speech on health care was my favorite moment of the Obama Presidency so far.  His close was particularly moving, persuasive, powerful.

He also began tonight an critical effort I call "loving the sinner but hating the sin."   He was able to differentiate between the constructive, and destructive, Republicans and conservatives.  Somehow he has to grow more comfortable taking on the still strong and virulent ideological and political remnants of a conservatism gone haywire that did so much to weaken our nation in recent years. He did it well tonight, but my sense is that this new found willingness to directly confront the wild right is something he has do more of, and do more effectively.

A great night.  I am proud of our President.  Yet am still very aware that we have a long way to go.