NDN Backgrounder: Ahead of the G-20, the Future of the Global Economy

With the G-20 approaching next week, I'm pleased to present this backgrounder on some of NDN's most important thinking on the changing global economy. We are at a decisive moment in the global economic debate - a truly international recession rife with structural imbalances, climate change, and a U.S. - China trade spat are all likely to be at the top of the agenda. Here are some of our recent thoughts on these and many other important economic issues.

  • The Key to the Fall Debate: Staying Focused on the Economy by Simon Rosenberg, September 3 - Huffington Post. Simon argues that in order for President Obama to reverse his and the Democratic Party's recent decline in public approval, the President must make the struggle of everyday people his primary rhetorical and governing concern.
  • The Fault Lines in the U.S.-China Relationship by Dr. Robert Shapiro, July 30 - Shapiro argues that the divisions between the world's most powerful nation and most important emerging power matter a great deal, and, while they often remain unseen, can flare up at anytime. This relationship, an adversarial symbiosis, will be crucial to the future of global prosperity and security.
  • Trade and Carbon, by Michael Moynihan, July 22 - Moynihan writes that we should be wary of using trade policy as a tool to combat climate change.
  • Shapiro Speaks on G-20, Need for Global Economic Action, April 1 - At an NDN event on "The G-20 and Beyond: Challenges Facing the Global Economy," Shapiro delivered wide-ranging comments on the global Great Recession, its causes, and the global leadership necessary to combat it. The event also featured U.S. Rep. Adam Smith, Foreign Policy magazine Editor-in-Chief Dr. Moisés Naím. 
  • U.S. Rep Adam Smith at The G-20 Summit and Beyond, April 1 - Ahead of the G-20 Summit, Smith, a Congressional leader on trade, terrorism, and international development, speaks on international trade and the need for a globally coordinated development strategy.
  • The Fallout of the Great Recession for Trade by Dr. Robert Shapiro, February 11 - Shapiro argues that the world is currently experiencing the economic symptoms of protectionism without actual protectionist measures being put in place, which could have dangerous consequences for the global economy.
  • Recovery Without E-verify and Buy American by Simon Rosenberg, February 10 - Rosenberg advocates for the removal of "Buy American" and E-verify provisions from the stimulus, provisions that will not stimulate the economy and will do more harm than good. 
Finally, here is the full video of Professor Bhagwati's talk at NDN on the future of the international economy. Well worth the watch: