More Enlightened Leadership from South Carolina Republicans

The Huff Po writes about the angry, and ignorant, cry from Rep. Joe Wilson tonight. 

Update: Daily Kos has the video clip in case you missed it. 

For those of us working on the immigration issue these last few years we are not really surprised by this outburst.  There has been perhaps no greater area of collective Republican nuttiness in the past few years than on the issue of immigration, and perhaps no area where their irrational behavior has done more lasting damage to their Party.

Update 2: See NDN's Rob Shapiro debate the issue of the undocumenteds and health care on CNBC the other day in the video clip to the right. His opponent is a leader of FAIR, a group categorized by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a "hate" group.  They and other anti-immigrant groups have been using this debate over undocumenteds and health insurance for all as a way to get ready for the coming debate over immigration reform early next year.