Global Mobile News: Tweeting Kampala Riots, m-PESA dividends, Carrier Pigeons

Kampala Riots

- If you're like me, you missed the news that there were major riots in Kampala, Uganda late last week.  The MSM didn't make much of the story, but if you had your eye on Twitter, you may have seen some good reporting by @mugumya, @solomonking, @appfrica and @UgandaTalks-- with everything gathered at #kampala. As happened in Iran earlier this year, local media was largely shut down during the riots, so Twitter was one of the only ways people in Uganda could communicate with each other and spread the word about what they were seeing. The Independent had a good explanation of why the riots happened. 

- The Blackberry Curve is coming to South Africa-- big step for smart phones on the continent.  Perhaps South Africans will use their new phones to call the new Presidential hotline (this was one of Jacob Zuma's big campaign promises); the government expects to recieve 1,500 calls a day in a variety of different languages.Carrier Pigeon

- Safaricom, the Kenyan phone company that recently unveiled a solar phone, just announced that they'll be paying dividends to their investors via m-PESA, the popular phone-based money transfer system. Assuming investors sign up, the savings for Safaricom (and their shareholders) could be significant.

- Also, from last week-- a South African company did a test, and found it was faster to send digital data via carrier pigeon than by web.  Ouch.