Global Mobile News: Deconstructing M4D, New OSs for Africa, Splish Splash

- Deconstructing Mobiles for Development - The good people at Mobile Active have initiated a new series of essays to honestly and critically assess the promise and failings of mobiles in the developing world.  The first installment, from Ethan Zuckerman, analyzes some of the challenges posed by working over a centrally controlled mobile network, as opposed to a peripherally-controlled network like the internet. It's a good read, and the whole series will be well-worth watching.  (via @mobileactive)

- New Operating Systems for Africa - IBM is launching a new software package to run on Canonical's Ubuntu linux operating system. Designed to work on low-cost netbooks that have become a favorite of many African businesses, the software will use cloud coSplash Sierra Leonemputing, and offers a full suite of applications. And at OLPCNews, a rave review of the Xtra Ordinary operating system for the One Laptop Per Child XO machine.

- Splash in Sierra Leone - Sierra Leone, a country known mostly for its blood diamonds and child soldiers, is about to become the latest country with a mobile payment system.  "Splash," as it will be called, will allow mobile-to-mobile payments in the style of M-PESA in Kenya.