Drop Dobbs

Earlier today NDN issued the following press release:

Washington, D.C. - Today, after years of Lou Dobbs using his CNN platform to promote the work of hate groups, spread racially charged conspiracy theories, and engage in hate speech, NDN proudly joins 11 other organizations in announcing the launch of the Drop Dobbs campaign. DropDobbs.com, which also launched today, is a new site which demonstrates Dobbs' history of xenophobia and nativism, and will monitor his misinformation in the future.

"Lou Dobbs has no place on CNN, a cutting edge news network with high journalistic standards and a global reputation for excellence," said Simon Rosenberg, President of NDN. "Whatever Lou Dobbs once was, he no longer is. In his increasingly desperate quest for ratings and relevancy he panders daily to fringe, nativistic and hateful groups and theories, bringing shame to the proud and respected Time Warner and CNN brands.   

"It is long past time for CNN to make clear that they do not condone this type of divisive and knowingly ill-informed programming and remove Lou Dobbs from their network today.   

"By going to the site Dropdobbs.com, regular people can let CNN and Dobbs's advertisers know that they expect more from such an important global source of news and information, and register their desire for CNN to drop Lou Dobbs today."


NDN joins the following organizations in the DropsDobbs campaign:

America's Voice
Center for Community Change
Center for New Community
Dolores Huerta Foundation
The Hispanic Institute
League of United Latin American Citizens
Media Matters for America
National Council of La Raza
National Hispanic Media Coalition
National Puerto Rican Coalition
Southern Poverty Law Center


Over the years, Dobbs has consistently used his CNN platform to spread hatred and fear. He played a critical role in the right's successful effort to derail immigration reform in 2006, and his obsession with the issue of immigration and with defeating immigration reform continues unabated. Adding to his repertoire of hate and fear-mongering, he has recently promoted the racially-tinged charge of the "birther" conspiracists who seek to attack the legitimacy of Obama's presidency.

It is time to demand accountability from advertisers who, by their purchase of airtime on his show, actively support his hate speech. When advertisers sponsor Lou Dobbs, this is for what they are paying:

  • Dobbs advanced racially charged conspiracy theories about Obama's birth certificate.
  • Dobbs has close ties to "hate group" FAIR.
  • Dobbs declared that "Mexico has become our enemy."
  • Dobbs smeared U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as "interested in the export of American capital and production to Mexico, and Mexico's export of drugs and illegal aliens."
  • Dobbs fear-mongered about Mexican "reconquista" plot.
  • Dobbs aired hate group's graphic to illustrate "the Vicente Fox Aztlan tour."
  • Dobbs spread leprosy falsehood in claiming "invasion of illegal aliens" is threatening Americans' "health."
  • Dobbs asked if Obama is "pandering to ethnocentric special interests again" by accepting Gov. Bill Richardson's endorsement.
  • Dobbs praised Philadelphia English-only sign ruling as "a defeat for ethnocentric special interests."


The campaign has also launched a video, "Dobb's History Of Hate & Paranoia," demonstrating how Dobbs has consistently used his national platform to spread misinformation, including racially charged, fringe conspiracy theories about immigrants and President Obama's birth certificate.

You may view the video here: