Weekly Immigration Update: Immigration Reform at NCLR Conference; 9500 Liberty Screening; and Discussion Tomorrow


Last week we blogged from NCLR, discussing the impact immigration reform impact the opportunities available to young people, and the role reform could play in encouraging young Latinas particularly to seize these opportunities.  

Also at NCLR, Gov. Tim Kaine delivered a moving - fully bilingual - address, showing that a person is no less "American," or hard working, or deserving, just because they are fortunate enough to know more than one language.  He touched on a number of topics, ranging from Health Care to the Judge Sotomayor nomination, but when he discussed immigration reform, he emphasized:

I also want to reiterate that the President is committed to comprehensive immigration reform—it’s needed, and the wheels are already in motion.

Given that those wheels are in motion at the national level, we will be hosting a discussion tomorrow about the policy and politics of immigration reform - don't miss it, RSVP here

We ended last week gearing up for tomorrow's discussion by hosting a select screening with the filmmakers of 9500 Liberty, Annabel Park and Eric Byler.  This powerful documentary takes you through the journey of a community that was torn apart as it became a microcosm of the national debate over immigration, one year before the national elections.