Watch, Attend Simon's Monthly Presentation "The New Dawn," Thursday 8-27 at 12:15 PM

On August 27th at 12:15 pm, you're invited to have lunch at NDN while Simon Rosenberg presents his famous and enormously worthwhile presentation "The Dawn of a New Politics." If you plan to join us at NDN, please RSVP. If you can't have lunch at NDN, have lunch with NDN by tuning in at 12:15 for our live webcast.

Once a month over lunch you can see Simon's presentation "The Dawn of a New Politics," either in person here at NDN or live online. This engaging presentation makes a big argument about how politics is changing in America today, and offers ideas and strategies for how progressives can replicate our 20th century success in this new and dynamic century. Simon constantly updates his slides to include the latest in media, demography and politics.

Check out these recent essays from Simon to preview some of his arguments in the Dawn of a New Politics:

Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century, from Demos' Open Left Project
Obama: No Realist He, which held the front page of Huffington Post for over 24 hours
Making the Case for Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Why We Need it Now
The 50 Year Strategy, published in Mother Jones Magazine
On Obama, Race and the End of the Southern Strategy
The Long Road Back

Simon has delivered his presentation "Dawn of a New Politics" all across the country over the past several years: At the DNC in Denver, twice for the House Democratic Caucus, on the Google campus, and recently before members and staff of the DSCC and DAGA, among many other gatherings.