Tue 8/11 Roundup: Mexican Prisons, Bill in Pittsburgh, Hillary in Kinshasa

- President Obama says immigration reform is coming-- probably in early 2010.

- Mexico's prisons are not exactly as airtight as we might have hoped.

- The latest bombings in Iraq killed 50 and leveled an entire village near Mosul.

- The White House has unveiled a new website to dispel myths about its health care plan.

- Trade has dropped through the floor this year.  Bad news.

- The women of the eastern Congo are suffering an epidemic of rape, and US-backed military action is making it worse, not better.  Hillary Clinton called yesterday for an end to the sexual violence.

- Simon is quoted at length dispelling the idea that a GOP reinvigoration might begin in California.

- Bill Clinton was in Vegas yesterday for his birthday.  He'll be in Pittsburgh later this week for Netroots Nation.

- Keep your eyes on the new FP-New America AfPak Channel for all the latest on the region.