Republicans Not Getting It (Translation of "Patadas de Ahogados")

Today a series of articles highlight what we have long written about: having no agenda, no proposals for how to solve our vexing national problems, the Republican party has decided to rally based on fear and misinformation - thus thinning out their base and making their party an outdated, small, party that exploits the divides of the 20th century.  

The Dallas Morning News highlights how in Texas, if Kay Bailey Hutchinson intends to win the Gubernatorial primary race in March, she will need to grow the Republican party.  Her opponent, Gov.Rick Perry, has secured a greater deal of the Republican base than her, so she is being forced to win over unusual suspects.  The Hispanic community is a prime target.  Too bad she spent an entire year in 2007 demonizing this community, introducing poison-pill amendments against immigration reform, and did not vote for cloture, much less for immigration reform - an issue that matters a great deal to U.S. citizens in Texas with immigrant family members. 

In OK, Ponca City News writes, "Florida Sen. Mel Martinez's resignation closes the latest chapter in the Republican Party's tumultuous, decade-long effort to woo the nation's Hispanic voters."  In other words, the party even failed one of its own. This leaves the GOP with no Hispanic Senator, and only three Cuban-American Representatives in the U.S. Congress. Simon wrote more about this in Sotomayor, Hispanics, and the Martinez Resignation.

Finally, the Wall Street Journal talks today about the Census - and we're given a brief preview of the race baiting to come as the GOP feels its very existence increasingly threatened...yet they continue the behavior that made them so toxic and got them into this mess in the first place.