There has been a lot of chatter on the web these last few days about a new round of really crazy rants from Glenn Beck.  I tend to skip these stories because I think the guy is a reprehensible loon, a wierd characture of Howard Beale from the movie Network

So a few minutes ago while cruising around Huff Po I gave in and watched some of his stuff from last week.  I could try to describe it but it is just too hard.  You need to watch.   And get ready for all sorts of Hitler, Hussein references, and of course, the idea that Americorps is Obama's very own 21st century version of the Brownshirts!

Man it is really incredible that News Corporation puts this stuff on the air.  It feels a little more like a guy making a show in his basement and putting it out over a community access channel.  But here it is, bad spelling and all, on a major American television cable network. 

Wanna bet that Dick Cheney watches all the time?